Change your trucks in 10 seconds


One deck for all your trucks and wheels.

Use the right setup to cruise and when you arrive on a cool spot (skatepark, street spot, pumptrack, downhill…) set up the most suitable trucks and wheels.

Swap trucks takes a few seconds and doesn't require any tool.

The Truck Binding System



4 years to develop a user-friendly system specifically designed for skateboarding!

5mm d'épaisseur sous truck
Poids total = 130g; Trop peu pour le sentir.

Montage d'un truck en 2 secondes
Système en alu et inox pour résister aux plus gros tricks.


of development



Why use
the system?


There are many ways to use the system in skateboard / longboard / surfskate. The most common way is to swap cruiser and skateboard trucks for moving comfortably between spots.

Avoir une seule planche pour skater et se déplacer
Passer sur un skate neuf en 2-2
Avoir une planche à tout faire
Varier les trucks sur son surfskate
Transporter facilement sa planche

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