Dismount or change your trucks in 10sec


No tools needed. The change is done manually in seconds.

Use a single board to get to the spot, skate, do slides, surfskate... by mounting the most suitable setup each time.

Remove your trucks to easily take the train or plane.


Why use the system?

There are many ways to use the system in skateboard / longboard / surfskate. The most common way is to swap cruiser and skateboard trucks for moving comfortably between spots.

Avoir une seule planche pour skater et se déplacer
Passer sur un skate neuf en 2-2
Avoir une planche à tout faire
Varier les trucks sur son surfskate
Transporter facilement sa planche

The Truck Binding System



4 years to develop a user-friendly system specifically designed for skateboarding!

5mm d'épaisseur sous truck
Poids total = 130g; Trop peu pour le sentir.

Montage d'un truck en 2 secondes
Système en alu et inox pour résister aux plus gros tricks.

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FROM 99€ TO 279€, with or without deck.


of development



Tested and approved

by dozens of skateboarders, longboarders and surfskaters.


Skateboarder and skatepark builder

« Je skate à Blois, où les sols sont bien abîmés. Beaucoup de pavés, beaucoup d’asphalte bien pourri. Je suis bien content de pouvoir me balader avec une seule planche, cruiser tranquillement ou skater des spots de street. »

Instagram @Scordishow

Christophe Sampaio

2014 French Street Skateboard Champion

« I often have some distance between my place and skate spots. It's always nice to have soft wheels for a smooth ride and not struggle because it rides poorly. When I get to the park, I prefer to have really hard wheels to practice my tricks.

Instagram @sampaio_toogs_christophe_

Pierre Samolany

2017 and 2018 World Electric Skateboard Champion

 « I had been waiting for this for a while, and it's finally done! Congratulations on the meticulous and precise work. The assembly is much easier and quicker than I had imagined. It's a must-have for anyone who regularly practices skateboarding! »

Instagram @samo_on_board


Longboarder & shaper

« I have been using the TBS skate co. system for a few months now. With it, you can change your setup and switch from cruiser mode to session mode in a matter of seconds, and honestly, it lives up to its promises! » (Written in February 2023)

Instagram @buchette_boards

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